Sunday, January 8, 2017

Accordion File or Mail Organizer

DIY Wall Organizer

I have 2 places in my house that I need easy access to stash and organize things. Kitchen counter for mail, school papers, etc... and my Tweaking Corner Room for orders, ideas, work in progress.
I've learned in my life I operate in times of stash and times of organization and when those two come together that is success!
Nearing 10 years in this house we've tried at least a dozen different places to drop/organize mail. The one I thought was the most reasonable was just inside the office on the wall which doubles as our music room. 
These jewels I thought were the perfect answer. Come in the door, step in the office drop mail, continue... you can see how well we adapted to this grand plan.

So this year, ya I'm slow at these things, lol. I decided if we are going to drop everything on the counter, which we all hate it being there afterwards, the organizer should be near the counter... aaah haaa, lol.

As I searched wall organizers and command centers, there were lots I kind of liked, to purchase ranged from about $20 to nearly $100. Then there were the DIY versions which are typically more my style. But I'm more of an hour projector, not a weekend projector.

I found ones built from wood, some sewn, even one from re-purposed cereal boxes. Which brought me to the latest organizer Tweak. With items purchased from Bi-Mart and in about an hour you too can have a wall hanging, mail or file folder organizer. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Quick Sew Personalized Pillow Cases

Drop Cloth Envelope Fold Pillow Cases

If you've seen much of my blog, or follow The Tweaking Corner you may not have realized yet, but I am not a sewer. I own a sewing machine however am not very versed at it's potential (understated for sure). If a project can be completed with basic straight stitches, no strange settings I can usually manage. Ironic since my home pic is of a quilt section. At the time seemed like my greatest creation (turns out it still is as far as sewing, lol).  Just know as your read this, I would rather do nearly anything other than sew. However I really wanted these personalized pillows for our bed.
So with that preceding information. I made 2, 19X19 pillow case slipcovers in just over an hour and a half including two Facebook posts and winding a bobbin.
Click here to do the tweak.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Party Supplies

30 Years Strong

 Bi-Mart Employee

There's something that comes with longevity that just amazes and impresses me...


 Peggy is our store mom, she is technically the book keeper. But if you need any support including even the smallest of details, for example a button sewed quickly on your vest she's the one.


 While this celebration is about Peggy and how awesome it is she has been with Bi-Mart for 30 years...this post is about Tweaking... (smile)

 Yes! I even went here... personalized napkins.

I say any time there is opportunity to celebrate - tweak it!
OK little side note here... If you are outside of our area you may not be aware that we have no other "big" stores in this town. So pretty much we Creswellians have learned if you can't get it at Bi-mart, our local Farmer's Market store and a mix of a few other small boutique style stores you have to drive to get what you need. So when we party at Bi-Mart we like to do it with Bi-Mart supplies....
Yep all these decoration can be purchased from supplies at Bi-Mart (except napkins)
Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners
Embroidery Floss
Scrapbooking Paper
Double sided stick tape
2 Skewer Sticks
One party to go from Bi-Mart.
Tissue paper flowers made possible by googling "How to make tissue flowers". There a million different options. Some people like videos, I like short quick instructions with pictures. I made them years ago with my oldest child just needed a refresher....
All hanging items strung with embroidery floss full group of threads together.
Hanging mobile structure is skewer sticks I just cut off the points.
Banners and mobile pieces are scrapbooking cardstock.  I do have a Silhouette Cameo I use to cut my pieces you could easily cut them by hand. I printed the letters on my printer and you guessed it ink and printer both from Bi-Mart.
So the next time you have an event your planning don't think what big box store can I shop far from here think what can I get at my neighborhood Bi-Mart first.
And then I added the napkins and personalized them with the Silhouette Cameo pen option. Pretty great party d├ęcor from you local Bi-Mart store. I think.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Epic Pop-up Box Card

Pop - up Box Card
These typical small box cards are designed to fold flat and fit into an envelope. Great for mailing or gifting flat and then creating a great impact when opened wide.
However I was challenged on a bigger scale for Rich the president of Bi-Mart's recent celebration.
Rich celebrated 40 years with Bi-Mart. In my book doesn't matter to me who you are 40 years anywhere with anything these days deserves celebrating in epic proportion. (Bi-Mart was just a bonus!) So the challenge was it needed to be something everyone could at least sign, large, from our store and the recommendations poster board, be creative, have fun.
Finished size of the box portion of the card was 9"X9", yes opened up it is a 9X9X9 cube. Instant centerpiece for sure. What a fantastic learning experience!
Congratulations Rich! We are looking forward to many more years with you.


Bi-Mart: 2 pieces white poster board for box, 1 piece blue poster board for envelope
2 packs scrap booking assorted papers for accents
Silhouette Cameo: to cut shapes Summer Box Cards

Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 years!

Celebrating 5 years!

I recently celebrated my 5 year mark with Bi-Mart. Seems a Bi-Mart Tweaker should take a moment to post such an event! Hard to believe it's been that long already.
Have a fabulous Day. Thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A cheap gardening trick

Keeping slugs/snails out of your Hostas

with out expensive chemicals


I love spring, all the beautiful flowers emerging,  new green foliage sprouting up everywhere. Hostas are one of my favorite. I am not a gardener, the only time my thumb is green is when I spray paint it during some 'Tweak project'.


However I stumbled on a bit of information that I thought was worth trying. If your Hostas start looking like some one has riffled them with a shotgun they need Coffee! Well caffeine anyway.


Collect your leftover coffee grounds in a container, remove filters (extra tip: It's easier to remove filters after they have dried, lol).

Sprinkle them around the base of your plants. With a baggie for a glove I removed all those pesky little snails I happen to see.

This absolutely saved my Hostas last year. I was a little slow getting it done this spring, but they don't look too bad yet. I think I may have done it a couple times last summer. And a bonus is the Hostas get extra nitrogen from the composting grounds! Win Win!