Canvas Drop Cloth Envelope Pillow Case Slipcovers

Quick Personalized Pillow Covers

1 Canvas Drop Cloth (At Bi-Mart in hardware/paint department)
Material Scissors or Pinking Shears
Material Marker or something to write on canvas
Long Ruler or straight edge
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread (you could easily sew by hand)
Iron on transfer, or stencil for your personalization
My actual knowledge came from this site, How to Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover, but then I tweaked it by using the pre-hemmed drop cloth.

Measure draw cut lines

So for those non-sewers like myself here's the Tweak. You want to cut your back fold pieces so your hemmed edge can be used. I am covering 19X19 pillows.  So I need 2 pieces of 20X20 and 4 pieces 13X20.

Picture is not to exact scale but for illustration purpose only. The back pieces you want to make sure you include those hemmed edges. Then as you can see below after you cut them, you have 4 instant pre-hemmed pieces! Yay, we love that!

Instant hemming, YAY!
Next step pin the front and back together.
Lay your front piece face up. Then your back pieces will be face down and overlap. Hem towards center of pillow.
 Pin the outside edges all the way around.

Half an inch seam all the way around. Fold right side out. Wonderful nearly instant envelope pillow cover.

I added an Iron on to the front. You could stencil it with fabric paint, add bling... with the fact, beginning to end including a few Facebook posts and taking photos for this blog it took approximately an hour and a half, that leaves plenty of time to be creative. Have fun Tweaking.... 

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