Sunday, January 8, 2017

Accordion File or Mail Organizer

DIY Wall Organizer

I have 2 places in my house that I need easy access to stash and organize things. Kitchen counter for mail, school papers, etc... and my Tweaking Corner Room for orders, ideas, work in progress.
I've learned in my life I operate in times of stash and times of organization and when those two come together that is success!
Nearing 10 years in this house we've tried at least a dozen different places to drop/organize mail. The one I thought was the most reasonable was just inside the office on the wall which doubles as our music room. 
These jewels I thought were the perfect answer. Come in the door, step in the office drop mail, continue... you can see how well we adapted to this grand plan.

So this year, ya I'm slow at these things, lol. I decided if we are going to drop everything on the counter, which we all hate it being there afterwards, the organizer should be near the counter... aaah haaa, lol.

As I searched wall organizers and command centers, there were lots I kind of liked, to purchase ranged from about $20 to nearly $100. Then there were the DIY versions which are typically more my style. But I'm more of an hour projector, not a weekend projector.

I found ones built from wood, some sewn, even one from re-purposed cereal boxes. Which brought me to the latest organizer Tweak. With items purchased from Bi-Mart and in about an hour you too can have a wall hanging, mail or file folder organizer.