Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Count Your Many Blessings

 This is a project that is just as inspirational in it's completion as it was all along the 'tweaking' way.
I must add a little preface here... I love working with vinyl because when your done it's so crisp and exact.
For todays project I wanted it distressed. I also wanted to use this particular paint/stencil method. I also knew I wanted to add numbers because that's the latest craze, and just so worked out on the Silhouette America site that was the challenge of the week. So let's get started and pull this project all together.
See how it's done                                  

See how it's done.
See How it's done!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kitchen, Spice Jar Tweak

Spice Jar Labels

Todays tweak reminded me how it is those little things that make such a difference in our everyday lives.
 We have an RV and not different than most RVers we try to utilize every inch of space. However again like most RVers we also like to make things easy on ourselves as well.
We purchased all those little bottles of spices so we could conveniently put them in the small space, and not have to pack them from our home kitchen every time we head out.
Quickly we discovered not all 'small' spice jars are created equal so a few spices ended up in the built in spice rack and one ended up in the pantry cabinet, and the others ended up in yet another cabinet. Suddenly the convenience of it all was just too complicated, after all, all you really need on your eggs in the morning is a little pepper, right?
Anyway Bi-Mart carries little glass spice jars with plastic lids for about $1.00 each, open stock buy as many or as few as you like, so I did!
I used my Silhouette to make vinyl labels (see page for complete details). However you could use address printing labels to print and stick. Buy the new popular chalkboard labels and write your flavors with chalk. Cut out your favorite scrapbooking paper in your favorite shape and seal it to the jar with clear contact paper. So many options, just make it yours!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A few of my favorite things...

Shadow Box

Transformed Personalized Hanging Jewelry Box

Love this weeks Tweak, of course I typically love them all, (lol).
But a good tweak is when you can take an everyday item and make it useful for you, personalized for you and very special to you.
So I took one of those shadow boxes with the front magnetic opening (you can get them at Michaels).
I wanted cheap so I waited for a good sale and I bought the inexpensive one with a off colored background. I recovered the background with a black velour fabric (remnant end JoAnn's Fabrics). I've used it like that for years. However, I kept thinking I should put pictures in the front like you can buy them now. (Bi-Mart usually sells them at Christmas).
I however already had this one so I really did not want to purchase one, and it was working so why worry about it...
Then Silhouette America makes a challenge. "Do anything you want using your Silhouette".
I love hearts, I always want hearts...hmmm.... what to do...
The design was born hearts, our initial, and the year we were married. I cut it out in etched vinyl and applied. Love, Love :)
What can you find that you look at everyday and do something new to it and make it extraordinary?
Keep Tweakin!