Monday, September 23, 2013

Personalized House Warming Gift!

Home is where the heart is...

A fellow worker recently moved into a new house and even though it may not be an actual house warming party. I find it nearly impossible to drop in without it. So I made her a little tag. To go with her little gift.

The Resources

The Tag card basic design is Attic Treasures, Tag Card
The personalized inside greeting is home is where the heart is vinyl by Jennifer Wambach              the original art was a little differently laid out, so  I quickly ungrouped and rearranged to the space I needed for this little card tag.
Completed house warming basket.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daily Life Recipe

Into Each Day Put: 

I have discovered it is important to surround myself with things that remind me of great things/times. So when a bad day creeps in I can ward it off with things around me. Chronic migraines tend to overwhelm me. (This is not a med blog, just FYI, these are managed, and I work with a neurologist)
So I find when I cannot leave my darkened bedroom for a few days and can barely get up to fix food. I need something in those areas to remind me to live 'today'.

This fun little saying seemed the perfect thing to put just above the stove in the kitchen. The fun fonts were all done in the Silhouette DE software.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

Fall into an Attitude of Gratitude

I struggle with debilitating migraines often leaving me not very capable of reasonable communication. Creating the necessity to have a fabulous pharmacy crew, physician, specialist and great people in my life that help me when I cannot reasonably take care of myself.
So being grateful is not only important, but a true sense. Recently my pharmacy crew was 'very' helpful and this little basket says it all. "I cannot say it enough" and then one dozen thank you's.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Life is short. Buy the shoes.

Reusable shopping bag. Triple layer vinyl project.
Shoes these days are a really big deal. Weather your a high heel Stiletto lover, simplicity of  flip-flops is your fancy, tennis shoes for running (after kids or on tracks), boots, or anything else for every occasion, people today buy lots more shoes than our previous generations.

So needless to say this saying is quite the hit with many people. However 26 years ago when I had been married only a short time I owned only 4 pairs of shoes. Yes, I only owned 4, 2 pairs of dress shoes; a pair of heels and flats, and 2 pairs of tennis shoes; a good pair and a work pair for mowing the grass, etc.

I went out for a shopping trip of essentials, and window shopping for our soon to be born son. When I seen a pair of shoes, the kind that put a smile on your face immediately and actually make your heart skip a beat. I knew the right thing was to admire them, try them on (wink), feel how comfortable they were, and put them back on the shelf.

At the end of the day my darling hubby asked about the events of my day, which I rambled all the highlights and minimized how wonderfully fabulous those shoes were I had seen. His response was "let me see them." I hid my surprise, and said I didn't buy them. "Why not?" I could think of a million reasonable responses, no reasonable adult would think I should have brought those shoes home at this point in my life. His shock increased as we spoke, deeply questioning, how much could they be? In his mind that obviously was what he had missed. My answer they were on clearance, and I actually thought they were yet cheaper than the clearance tag. "You really liked them?...go back and get them." I remember his very articulate convincing conversation, why I must go back and get them, lol, really true story.

So for me this is a reminder how much my dearest husband loves me, and how I really need to, sometimes (smile) live a little more in 'today' and not worry so much about the future as we do not know what it holds for us.