Customize Decoupage Storage Boxes

The small boxes are inexpensive cardboard trays used to store small parts in hardware and parts stores. I scored mine from a local parts place that was not using them anymore, they can be purchased in bulk from ULINE.
I decoupaged hallmark gift wrap to the fronts. Hallmark includes a wonderful cutting graph on the inside of many of their papers, watch for them, they make it so much easier. Cut paper width to exact size and top and bottom about 1/2 inch more. Example: if your box front is 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall you will cut your paper 4X4. More detailed information on decoupage below.

Drawer pulls (knobs) I rescued from a local recycle center. A little scrubbing, scuffing, and painting.
I used key tags to label each drawer. Printed each label with label maker cut to size.
Painted brad heads to match project and placed them inside of drilled hole.

Decoupage the instructions...

Customize a heavy duty storage box to store your things in style. For this one we are using a file or bankers storage box. Style and technique are pretty much the same, so get creative. You are just an afternoon away from fabulous organization.
 1. You will need your box, desired style and size. Make sure box is well assembled, if there are any parts and/or flaps that are not solid in place be sure to tape with masking tape, or glue down, I usually use hot glue to make sure the box stays structually sound.
2. Cut  your paper to cover the front of your box, add approximately an inch on the top to wrap inside of the box. I am using Hallmark gift wrap for this project. The great thing about this giftwrap is the back side has a graph on it, so it is easier to measure and cut.

3.Next apply one generous coat of Decoupage to the front of box. Mod Podge is a pretty common general use decoupage. I typically use Plaid Royal Coat Satin Decoupage Finish Clear.
4.Then apply a coat to the back side of your paper. Making sure you cover all edges. Laying wax paper or butcher paper under it will ensure easier clean-up later.
5. Gently place your paper over your box. Your paper is in a delicate stage at this point, however with your glue on the box and on your paper you have a few minutes work time as you center and place.
Starting from the center use something flat to help smooth out air pockets. I used an old department store gift card. Leave corners loose for next step.

6. Use scissors and trim corners at an angle so paper will lay flat on the inside. On this project we are only covering fronts so you do not have to cordinate papers or layers.
Almost finished, need to decide how to put tags on these. Update soon.

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