Christmas Shadow Box

 Christmas Shadow Box

I used Lori Whitlock's 5x7 shadow box frame from the Silhouette store.

I increased the size of the frame cutout by 10 % to make the clear cover. Then I created an additional overlay frame for the very front.

Creating overlapping frame by using the Silhouette offset tool. 
  1. Select frame, right click in middle of it, choose Release Compound Path
  2. Now you have two objects. Select outside box.
  3. Use offset tool to create internal offset at .25
  4. Select inside box and create internal offset .10
  5. Move or delete both original boxes.
  6. Select remaining boxes right click and choose Make Compound Path
I added color to these just so you could more easily see what was happening for this tutorial. Now you have an offset frame so you can mount your clear cover in between them.

The words are vinyl using Harrington Font. Nativity scene is a favorite cutout I had on hand not sure where it came from. Paper is Christmas from Recollections.

Happy Holiday Season. Go TWEAK!

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