Red Solo Cup Proceed to PARTY!

Let's Have A Party!
I have learned the art of 'lottery' making, or scratch off's... so many uses such a short life. If you have any craftiness you MUST find a reason to do this---

To make your custom 'lottery' tickets
 you will need only a few items.
  1. Dish Soap
  2. Acrylic Paint with paint brush
  3. Clear Packaging Tape
  4. Ink Jet Business Cards
Picture of ingredients
1.Start with business cards, I like the clean edge, but use whatever you like best. Use easy format software. Avery has one on-line, or you can download a template for your favorite software like word or publisher.
2. They will print 10 tickets to a page, I like having one winner for every 10. Your non-winning tickets can be as simple as 'you are not a winner' to random trivial information pieces. 3.Since our party is a Red Solo Cup party we chose to use information about the history of Solo Company for the non-winning tickets.

4. After tickets are printed cover center area with clear smooth packaging tape.
5. After clear packaging tape is placed paint with paint blend (1 part dish soap and 2 parts acrylic) paint. Silver is nice if you are trying to have that 'lotto' look. Black covers nicely, I actually picked red for this one.
When first coat is dry approx 20 minutes. Add 2nd coat.
6. Finished product in sheets! Just snap apart and hand out!! Easy Fun! LOVE IT!
Paint over tape covered text to complete lottery tickets, give fun theme styled gifts for prize winners.

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