Measure twice, cut once

Magnetic Ruler

My grandfather always said, "measure twice, cut once."
When I first saw a magnetic ruler used in a tutorial I thought I've got to have one of these. While you can find some rulers on-line for under $10.00 they did not fit my application needs. I found them to be too wide or too long.
So here's what I did.
I took a regular 1 inch by 6 inch personal craft ruler
and simply put 1 inch magnetic adhesive to the back. Make sure it fits as exact as possible...
Then I'm sure your asking yourself, what does she do with this?
Here it is. Most paper cutters today are metal. The uses are endless.


If you are cutting a lot of the same size papers, boxes, notepads, who knows 15 invitations (you get the idea). Set your ruler down at your paper size, butt paper against it, cut. So easy.

 Another favorite, on a bigger paper cutter it's hard to cut an inch or inch and half off paper. So line your ruler up with a straight line horizontally let your ruler hang over the edge however far you need to. Awesome cut at 10 inches when your surface only goes to  9.

 Another one... when cutting thinner paper say for matchbook notepad inserts, and you need lots of them. Lay four of five sheets in the cutter drop the magnetic ruler on top of it to hold all those sheets together while cutting. I also use this method when perforating paper. I remove my straight blade, replace it with a perforating blade. Put my paper 1/4 inch in from edge drop the magnetic ruler on it to hold in place and run that blade along the edge. Fabulous easy to tear perforated pages.

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