Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wrapping paper storage

I love it when I can find that simple little spot for something special that otherwise is stuffed in a corner somewhere, and this week it happens to be wrapping  and tissue paper. This is such a simple inexpensive project I am kicking myself for not doing it much sooner. And it carves out space that otherwise is never touched anyway.

8 - 1/2 inch wooden dowels
12 - gold cup hooks
4 - L brackets
2 - 12 1/2 inch small pieces of wood
spray paint
6 of your dowels will be used as is, two of them will be cut into thirds.
I painted my hooks black to match my decor, I've seen others go white, as well as paint the dowels. I left mine natural, do what fits your decor.
My two pieces of wood were from an old shelf I took apart (it was the face plate) so they were 1 1/2 inches wide by an inch deep. Something similar to that is important for your wood.

The instructions:
Cut your 2 pieces of wood 12.5 inches long. The top piece will have 5/8 inch holes drilled all the way through it, and the bottom only half way through it.
I marked out the top piece first, every 2 inches with 1.25 at each end so the marks to drill are 1.25 3.25, 5.25, 7.25, 9.25, and 11.25. I drilled a smaller pilot hole all the way through and lined up my bottom board and drilled it into mark the top of the bottom board.
After all the pilot holes are drilled and the bottom board is marked then use a spade bit to complete the 5/8 hole. For the bottom wholes you want them drilled only half way through your wood, so for me that was 1/2 inch. You can mark your drill bit with a piece of tape, or a permanent marker so you will know how deep to drill.

Mount these to the inside of your door making sure they are far enough apart to fit wrapping paper between them, but also take into consideration where shelves are mounted. In the picture you can see the top piece is mounted just below the shelf.

Cup hooks put in 2 inches apart vertically and no more than 11 inches apart horizontally.
Cut your wooden dowels into thirds. My husband was kind enough to mark the right side of the dowels against the hooks and notch them so they won't slide. A great bonus, not essential.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bi-mart Tweak at her finest!

Custom wall pegs

Three plain knobs
One white paint pen
And a small piece of board rescued from old bi-mart pine shelving...

I only had to drill a couple additional holes because most of them were already there.
Used the white paint pen to add white accent. Paint pens are as simple as using a marker.
Put knobs on first in your desired location, mount to wall or inside of cabinet with screws.
Custom designer wall organization for under $5.00.
Scored this purse at local thrift store, perfect for all my tools!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The beginning 'Tweak Cabinet'

The Cabinet
It's always nice to start a story somewhere near the beginning. So the picture shows re-organization in my 'tweak' space near the beginning. Left side shows boxes in progress right side original white boxes.
As with many things in life there are many steps to a completed project, I hope to break this down so it can be easily referenced.

I love things in portable storage. Some people are happy with things on shelves and peg board. I however more often than not actually tote mine somewhere else, ie... another room, a friends house, or church. I find even when I am working in my tweak space (craft room) I just pull the drawers put them on my work space in front of me then return them when I am finished.


The very beginning...

I love organization, my nature includes a hint of self diagnosed OCD (lol). So you might say it comes natural to me. I however believe it is like most things, there may be that natural hint, but it all comes down to how you nurture it.
I get personal peace from spending more time creating and less time finding, therefore that is my driving organizational inspiration.
I love to learn from others who have come before me, but love to 'tweak' it, and make it my own. I seldom, re-invent the wheel, but am always happy when I can find and old wheel, scrub, sand and paint it to make it fit my lifestyle event, my mood and attitude.
Currently my projects include some reorganization, but far and wide my goal simply put is...
"Utilizing inexpensive wares for creating uniquely fabulous design"