Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love at first sight!

 A few weeks ago I stumbled on these little jewels when I was searching ideas for decorating small gift boxes. It was just a matter of time to find a reason to build. I found myself pleasantly surprised at the ease of cutting, assembling and then decorating. Nice addition to easy open ended crafts. Simple cut, and assembly directions... 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Storage ~ thinking outside the box

Scrap booking scissors in silverware caddy.
Sometimes when I look at new things I see an alternate use, sometimes I have to search for something thinking beyond the traditional use to fill the current need.

From the very first moment I seen this black metal basket from Spectrum Diversified Designs, I fell in love and I knew exactly what I would put in it.

This is a silverware caddy sold in the housewares section at
Bi-Mart. The perfect place to put my scrap booking scissors so they are conveniently within arms reach.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Life is short, Celebrate every moment of it!


Gifting a gift card inspires me to really take the time to make this amazing. I find any one can give, a gift card in a store bought greeting card. I wanted this gift to be super special.

4 mini matchbook notepads personalized with paper watermarked with the couples names and momogrammed.
Cutsom box for these to nestle inside.

a personalized crafted congratulations card.

personalized card specifially made to insert their gift card. Nicely placed inside matching envelope.

In the top of the bag are 2 (sour cream containers) personalized treat containers filled with a few of the new couples favorite treats.

A few final touches on the bag.
This moment has been celebrated!

 What's your next 'moment'?
Find a way to 'celebrate' it in a more meaningful way.