Friday, October 9, 2015

Party Supplies

30 Years Strong

 Bi-Mart Employee

There's something that comes with longevity that just amazes and impresses me...


 Peggy is our store mom, she is technically the book keeper. But if you need any support including even the smallest of details, for example a button sewed quickly on your vest she's the one.


 While this celebration is about Peggy and how awesome it is she has been with Bi-Mart for 30 years...this post is about Tweaking... (smile)

 Yes! I even went here... personalized napkins.

I say any time there is opportunity to celebrate - tweak it!
OK little side note here... If you are outside of our area you may not be aware that we have no other "big" stores in this town. So pretty much we Creswellians have learned if you can't get it at Bi-mart, our local Farmer's Market store and a mix of a few other small boutique style stores you have to drive to get what you need. So when we party at Bi-Mart we like to do it with Bi-Mart supplies....
Yep all these decoration can be purchased from supplies at Bi-Mart (except napkins)
Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners
Embroidery Floss
Scrapbooking Paper
Double sided stick tape
2 Skewer Sticks
One party to go from Bi-Mart.
Tissue paper flowers made possible by googling "How to make tissue flowers". There a million different options. Some people like videos, I like short quick instructions with pictures. I made them years ago with my oldest child just needed a refresher....
All hanging items strung with embroidery floss full group of threads together.
Hanging mobile structure is skewer sticks I just cut off the points.
Banners and mobile pieces are scrapbooking cardstock.  I do have a Silhouette Cameo I use to cut my pieces you could easily cut them by hand. I printed the letters on my printer and you guessed it ink and printer both from Bi-Mart.
So the next time you have an event your planning don't think what big box store can I shop far from here think what can I get at my neighborhood Bi-Mart first.
And then I added the napkins and personalized them with the Silhouette Cameo pen option. Pretty great party décor from you local Bi-Mart store. I think.

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