Monday, October 26, 2015

Quick Sew Personalized Pillow Cases

Drop Cloth Envelope Fold Pillow Cases

If you've seen much of my blog, or follow The Tweaking Corner you may not have realized yet, but I am not a sewer. I own a sewing machine however am not very versed at it's potential (understated for sure). If a project can be completed with basic straight stitches, no strange settings I can usually manage. Ironic since my home pic is of a quilt section. At the time seemed like my greatest creation (turns out it still is as far as sewing, lol).  Just know as your read this, I would rather do nearly anything other than sew. However I really wanted these personalized pillows for our bed.
So with that preceding information. I made 2, 19X19 pillow case slipcovers in just over an hour and a half including two Facebook posts and winding a bobbin.
Click here to do the tweak.

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